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Selling this new 2014 Dragonfly 14' air boat in max 4 coloring. (Please call for price)

- 14' Geo model
- Polymer complete
- 3rd seat
- Max 4 coloring

- 2016 Yacht Club WC224G
- Tongue jack

SAM_1396.JPG SAM_1398.JPG SAM_1401.JPG

We do offer many financing options to help you get out on the water faster.

So if you're interested, or have any questions, please stop by and visit us or give us a call.

Location: 3241 Thompson Rd
Fenton, MI 48430
Phone: (810)629-2291

Also give our website a visit if this doesn't interest you I'm sure something else on there will.

We are in full swing for 2017 bringing 2 new bodies to market, a Brant and Teal body along with almost a dozen heads again. The following heads for 2017, BW teal, GW Teal,Coot, WoodDuck, 3 Brant heads, a new Canvasback head, new Redhead head, Common Merganser, Hooded Merganser and a Redbreasted Merganser. And on top of all these happens we have made a huge deal with a major retailer and will soon be shipping decoys all across the country and saving you BIG money on shipping. Were talking potentially 9.99 and or FREE shipping. YES potentially FREE Shipping on Homer Decoys. So stay tuned.

We just started the Pre Sale for the New Brant Body as well. DOn't miss out on this one time Major savings on this amazing body.

Homer Decoys offers the only full Lifetime Warranty on our decoys. You break it we replace it.
Create The Hunt.
Just a reminder with all this heat coming the next few days. Remember to keep our friends with fur coats cool too.
#TunedUpTuesday. Black Acrylic Snubbie heading to the famous Illinois River Valley . Destined to demand and control the mallard ducks through the valley for its owner !

UPDATE : Finishing up the majority of the acrylic orders this week and moving into the long awaited custom wood calls for you all . If you would like an Acrylic SnubNose this week is the time before I get loaded down on wood calls . Email me ________________________________________________

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Gary with Committed had me put this new design together for him and his crew.
Me and my friend recently got into an "argument" about mixing different species of ducks in our spreads example: (wood ducks and mallards). I have always done this and never really had a problem. He told me that he will only put one species out in his spread. Wondering what other hunters thoughts on this are?
Out of curiosity, which do you prefer?
I pick mine as I like a whole duck with skin on.
Guess I'm from the old school.
Well kind of...So this weekend I joined buddy Big Wayne and several others for some geoduck hunting along other critters of the mud..

We ran way way north in the valley and had a great time, we had some rookies to make it interesting..
Boxing limits for 11 of washingtons, horse necks and double fits of geoducks was pretty tough but we got it done... Thanks Big Wayne, Saturday night Wayne cooked up some of his famous clam chowder that is to die for !!
We also had a surprise guess that stopped by totting a bag of oysters and other goodies...Thanks Jim Dandy..

We all seen tail gate shots of dead ducks so let me get right to the great eats part..

So on the menu for this very special day for our country we had steamed Washington clams, stuff clam in the shell, clam fettuccine, sauted geoduck steaks... man... i'm stuff..

So you need a few of these