Calling Classifieds Guidelines

Refuge Gang Calling Classifieds Forum - Rules, Policies, and Guidelines
The Refuge Gang Classifieds are provided totally FREE to our Registered Members!

We do insist that you abide by the Rules, Policies, and Guidelines set forth for the Refuge Gang Classifieds.. BE SURE TO READ EACH AND EVERY RULE and GUIDELINE COMPLETELY that is detailed below.

You MUST follow ALL of the Rules, Policies, and Guidelines, otherwise your post(s) will be removed, without notification..

1. When Posting Your Item(s), you MUST be descriptive in your Post Title (Subject). Example: For Sale - Remington 1100 Shotgun - Example: Wanted - Used Mallard Decoys - Example: For Trade - Goose Call. If your post title does not have either, "For Sale, Wanted, or For Trade included, your post will be deleted, without notification.

2. You MUST include the price you are asking for your item in your post. No "Make Offers", "Up For Bids" Posts Are Allowed, period.

3. Sponsors may post commercial "by dealer" ads in the Calling classifieds. All other rules for classifieds apply.

4. If you purchase Closeout Merchandise for the purpose of making a profit, these posts will be deleted. These Posts Are Not Allowed, period.

5. No EBAY or CRAIGSLIST Ads/Links Are Allowed. Please do not post any links to eBay or craigslist concerning an Auction or items for sale you have in progress. These posts will be deleted.

6. Please DO NOT "bump" your posts to the top in less than a 24 hour period. Also, if you bump your post more than 5 times, it will be locked. This bumps other posts off of the main page, and it is not fair to those that have just recently created a "new" post.

7. If you have several items to sell or trade, DO NOT create a post for each item. Please place them in one single post.

8. Please remember to follow up on all communication between yourself and members inquiring about your items. Don't forget to clean out PMs that you no longer need that are associated with the Refuge Gang Classifieds.

9. NOTE: Should you not follow up on any transactions (send money, send item, etc), your account may be banned, and legal action may be taken from the party involved. Click HERE for issues that may cause your account to be terminated.

10. Do Not Post on a Classified Ad unless you are dealing with the Seller/Trader for the item(s).

11. All posts/messages express the views of the author. The owner(s) of the Refuge Forums, and their families will NOT be held responsible for the content of any message, the selling, purchasing, swapping/trading of any item, product, or service, or any injury, death, or hardship caused by any transaction at the Refuge Gang Classifieds. By creating a post, or making a transaction, your are agreeing to these terms. The Refuge reserves the right to remove, edit, or close any post, for any reason.

If you agree to the Rules, Policies, and Guidelines above, please click the "Agree" button to visit and/or create a post at the Refuge Gang Calling Classifieds. Otherwise, you may click the "Decline" button to return to the Refuge Forums. By merely creating a post at the Refuge Gang Classifieds, you are agreeing to these terms.


Have Fun, and Good Shopping and Selling at the Refuge Gang Classifieds.


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