2018-2019 Waterfowl Reports

Discussion in 'Nebraska Flyway Forum' started by nebgoosehunter, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. nebgoosehunter

    nebgoosehunter Senior Refuge Member

    Oct 17, 2013
    Sorry for the long story again. I enjoy telling my tales so hope you enjoy it. My dad and I headed up to one of my private spots near Crawford this morning to try and get ourselves a nice Merriam. Didn't get a chance to roost birds but went to a traditional roost spot that I knew of and sure enough they sounded off when I gave them the ol coyote howl. Could tell there were quite a few birds up there so I didn't know how they were going to react. Got into about 100-150 yards without being seen but they flew down and headed straight away from us. Maybe 20 minutes later it was clear they weren't coming back. Tried making a move to get in front of them but that is hard to make happen in the Pine Ridge. Thought we were going good and all of a sudden there were four toms that popped out of the trees chasing each other right where we were trying to get to. So we made another big loop around to try and get in front again. Got into position and wondered if they had already went past but suddenly we look up and here they come at 80 yards. Didn't have time to set a decoy or sit down for that matter. My dad was behind a huge tree on his knees and I was right behind him. We had one gobbler at 35-40 yards that my dad could have shot, but I told him to wait for the group so I could get a shot. Just about the time we needed to shoot they start moving away and we take a shot as they start running. Thought they were closer than they were in the moment but needless to say we struck out. Discouraged, we went back to the truck to regroup and drive to the other side of the property. After a needed break we thought we would change it up and walk and call every 150 yards. It was pretty windy but after the second stop and call we got a response way off. Closed the distance and called again and they responded at what seemed 200-300 yards away. We had no clue they were running towards the calling so we went another 50 yards and I look up and right in front of us at the crest of a hill is a tom fanned out and another tom standing right next to him. This time they were plenty close and we shot them standing there with decoys on our backs and no time to even get my go pro on. They must have been flat out running to us because they covered some serious ground in no time. We had no idea they were even coming and were just hoping to get in close enough to figure out where they were. This is the first time ever that my dad and I have been able to bag a gobbler on the same day. It was truly a blessing to be able to roam the turkey woods in some beautiful country with my dad this morning. I guess since it's still April and I have till May 31st, I'll buy my third and final tag.
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    Apr 11, 2007
    3 tries and still no luck on a Merriam's for me. Awesome looking birds and great story. Glad you got to enjoy it with your dad.
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