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Academy gadwall dekes

Discussion in 'Decoy Forum' started by stevena198301, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Billy Bob

    Billy Bob Elite Refuge Member

    Mar 8, 2007
    If I'm using standard size decoys on open water they're always spaced no more than 4 feet Normally a 3 decoy wide oval. My reasoning is that it creates a big dark spot at a distance to get attention and when they get close it looks like the decoys found good feed. Honestly I never spread out standard decoys much because everyone else does. 5-6 is maximum on smaller water. Be different. I space magnums about 4-8 feet, lets the big decoys work their magic.
  2. mister gadwall

    mister gadwall Senior Refuge Member

    Jan 7, 2011
    I spent a period of @30 years hunting a real hot bed for gadwalls. Learned a lot about effective decoys spreads for them The area I hunted had some widgeon and some "big ducks" but 90 per cent was gadwalls Thousands of gadwalls. I went through a coot experiment stage but finally ended up with a small spread that we found to be the most effective gadwall killing spread for the area we hunted--ten point ducks in the day, 30 bird days were legal and not uncommon for the the three of us in the day. .

    I experimented with coot decoys a lot early on because so often I would see gads in the coots. After awhile I found a dozen well painted gadwall and a couple of widgeon and maybe 3-5 mallards off 30 yards from the gads was about the perfect decoy spread, IF 75% of them were on some type of jerk string. I painted up several beautiful male gads using old plastic herters mallards from the 60s. The decoying gadwall would sit next to this type mallard- painted -gadwall almost every time they came to the water ( some flambeau gads completed the spread).
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  3. Tuleman

    Tuleman Elite Refuge Member

    Feb 5, 2005
    Central Kansas
    Why not indeed! I think that would make a great experiment....if live mallards were the size of teal.
    I think life-sized decoys are the best compromise between numbers and individual size; vary from the living norm and the less realistic the spread becomes.

    I'm not saying magnum decoys aren't effective; they can be. My position is that numbers of decoys (size of the spread) is far more important than size of the individual blocks. If you have a choice between 200 standard decoys and 200 mags, by all means go with the mags. But if you have a choice between 200 standard decoys and 75 mags (based on what you can afford and can transport), and the situation calls for a big spread, I'll go with the standard every time.
    If the situation calls for three decoys on jerk strings, it doesn't matter what size the decoys are: go with the big 'uns.
  4. freefall

    freefall Elite Refuge Member

    Aug 22, 2012
    Lodi, CA
    I'd take 75 Super Mags over 200 standards anyday.

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