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    I hunted MT for pheasant in 2016 and 2017, and each year I purchased an over-the-counter B-tag for antlerless whitetail. We hunted birds east of Great Falls almost to Lewistown, and hunted deer no further than about 20 miles outside of Helena. First year I shot a deer broadside at about 50' after doing a sneak. Second year I had one shot at a deer on a dead run away from me at about 100 yards - I learned that a spooked whitetail will not stop for a cow call.

    It's been interesting and different from sneaking on blacktails with black powder. I may consider getting a tag in another unit (500 maybe) if we get that far away from Helena. Lots of posted properties. jumped a huge 3 point whitetail in the fog in a public pheasant release site two seasons ago - huge deer.

    Birds are hard to come by where we hunt - they're spooky and flush quite a ways away frequently - and we're using pointing dogs. My MT host wears no orange, but I wear it all over my backside, just on the front so birds can't spot us as easily. LOTS of walking - one place wa walk almost 2 miles through a plowed field to get to the drainage where we climb down into to actually hunt.

    I saw pictures of the wolf allegedly killed South of Denton, which happens to be one of the areas we hunt. Will consider carrying buckshot this year because of that.

    I would move to MT in a heartbeat if I could bring the Pacific Ocean along with me, but that would anger a lot of people between here and there ...

    And I now - this doesn't have dang thing to do with waterfowl, except to say I see quite a few and jump several along the creeks in the bottoms we chase pheasant. Got to see lots of Sharpies and a few partridge as well. You don't seem to have many if any quail in the areas we hunt, not even in the brush along waterways.

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