"Dead" coyote gone

Discussion in 'Varmint Hunters Forum' started by Brad's Birds, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Brad's Birds

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    Jan 8, 2005
    Illinois south part
    A friend of mine called and said he had a couple coyotes that were raiding his chicken pen and wanted me to take care of it. He only has 7 acres near town but lots of farm land in the surrounding area. Anyway, I tried a couple mornings with no results. Last Friday I went at 7:00 am, parked at his house and walked 50 yards to his wood shed which I thought I'd try setting up since the chickens were near there. I sat my stuff down, heard his wife leave and the garage door go down. I got my call and looked out to where I wanted to set it up and there was a coyote sneaking along a narrow wood line 55 yards across the "yard". He was looking where the chickens might be, so I put my .223 up, crosshairs on his shoulder, boom and he went straight down, didn't even flinch. Well, that was fast. I thought about calling anyway and seeing if another one would come in, but wanted to send him a picture to let him know how fast it happened. I put the call back in my pack, got up, grabbed my gun and headed over to get him. He was still laying there in the same spot. As I walked over, I reached in my pocket and got out my phone and checked the time....7:08.....looked back up and no coyote. I was only 20 yards away at this point. I walked over to where he was laying and found a softball size spot of blood and some hair. I could not find another spot of blood anywhere. He was on the edge of a 10 acre wheat field with some woods around it. I looked for an hour and a half and found nothing. I'm guessing he went and died somewhere, but my long-winded explanation to ask if any ideas what happened? I have had very few coyotes go down like that....most spin a couple times, bite the shot area, run 30 or 40 yards and pile up, etc.... but he didn't move an inch after the shot. I used a 55 grain soft point bullet. There is a chance it could have hit a small branch of honeysuckle as he was just on the other side of an opening in the narrow treeline. I won't take my eyes of another "dead" coyote again, but really wanted to give my friend a gift of a dead coyote instead of a pic of some blood.
  2. skiebuster

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    Nov 1, 2005
    I feel your pain.. nothing worse than that feeling. cause your thinking if he made it, then he's gonna eat a fawn, or more of your buds chickens
  3. howard s.

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    Oct 6, 2003
    IL hillbilly county
    . Fox did me like that one time. Four 22's into his chest and down he went. Looking around to see if there was any more, but when I looked back to him he was gone. Next time I will have one my center-fire gun with me.

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