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    Mar 28, 2000
    I consider myself in the poor/low income category of waterfowlers(and people in general), but spend more on waterfowling than most, only outdone by those who are in the rich category. I go out more days than most of any income category. It's what I love to do. One of my biggest bills is fuel up and down the roads. I wouldn't want my wife to know it, but I spend 3-5k on gas alone going on hunts during a given hunting season, but I cover a lot of ground too, and I enjoy hunting different areas. I spend a lot on leases/clubs. I spend a lot on shells. I spend a lot on decoys. I've spent a lot on guns. I've spent a lot on clothes and waders and boots, and will again. I have camo for every terrain. If I had more money then I would spend even more, on all of it. I've given up a lot of other things I would like to do because I can't afford those things and to maintain my hunting budget. If the thousands I spend put a few more flocks feet down in the dekes than I would've had without spending a penny, then I am still a happy man despite the expense. I guess I am the perfect customer. :doh

    I respect those who do it on the cheap. I have left all the gear at home and shot limits sitting on the X without a blind or decoy at all because I knew I didn't need them, then gone somewhere else the next day and been skunked sitting in 200 premium dekes and a $320 layout. But I can't hunt that X every day and expect it to produce, and when I am not on it I want every advantage that I can have. I love to kill birds when others don't. It makes the money spent worth it to me.

    And I love to go north and kill birds late season. They are SO much easier than late season birds down south! :p :l Most Yankees don't know how to hide(there are exceptions). ;)

    Live and let live. If you don't want to spend then don't. I am building an all hand carved spread now that I am not carving. Each deke could be a dozen premium plastics. It's what I want for open water heavy seas. It will make me happy. I hope. Time will tell.

    And hot buys were originally a loss leader. They weren't making money, they were getting their name out there. It costs as much to get them here as it does to make them, and more to advertise the brand.

    That is all. :amen

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