Greetings from Ohio and the Whack'em Waterfowl crew!

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  1. Whackmaster

    Whackmaster New Member

    Mar 1, 2019
    NW Ohio
    I've been hunting waterfowl in NW Ohio for 40 years, and have passed that proud tradition on to my family, close friends and most recently my grandson.
    Recently we have talked about booking a snow goose hunt, we have collectively only bagged maybe a dozen, as light geese are rare in Ohio. We hunt Ohio's late goose season till around February 10. I began shopping around for an outfitter for early March, but was advised, due to this years weather and the low juvey numbers, to wait for next spring.
    Hiring a guide is a completely new experience for me , and one I don't look forward to.
    My crew, including my 10 yr.old grandson, are well accustomed to hunting ducks and geese from layout blinds in the field all day at minus 0 temps, diver hunting Lake Erie in layout boats in January, and when conditions warrant pack hundreds of decoys thru the rain, mud and deep snow. My point being we are not looking for 5 star accommodations, a "party get away" or someone to cater to us. We are veteran waterfowlers, looking to book the snow goose HUNT! of a lifetime. Our group would probably consist of 8 to 10, including one youth and one woman as well as, "Duck" my lab, if permitted. Pit blinds or field blinds, hunting crop fields or over water, feeds or migrators or a combination doesn't matter, as long as our odds are good. We would be looking to hunt minimum 3 to 5 days on or about, the second week of February to early March. I'm assuming, that time of year we would be looking at Arkansas, Illinois, SE or NW Missouri, but are open to other areas.
    If anyone of my new friends at The Refuge can steer us in the right direction, please post or gmail me.
  2. API

    API PAF-CA Flyway Moderator Flyway Manager

    Dec 29, 2008
    Welcome aboard! As you surf around the 'fuge you'll find several sub forums that likely will steer in the direction you seek. :tu
  3. JDK

    JDK Moderator Moderator Flyway Manager

    May 21, 2004
    Welcome to the Refuge

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