Grizzly Controlled Hunt NOW OPEN

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    Idaho resident hunters can apply for grizzly bear hunt June 15 through July 15, 2018.

    One tag will be issued for a hunt in a portion of Eastern Idaho, drawing expected in early August.

    Fish and Game will accept controlled hunt applications for a 2018 grizzly bear tag June 15 through July 15. The drawing is limited to Idaho residents with a valid Idaho hunting license.

    Hunters can apply at any Fish and Game license vendor, at Fish and Game regional offices, online at, or by mail. All mailed applications must be postmarked no later than July 15. The controlled hunt number is 8601.

    Applicants will pay a nonrefundable $16.75 application fee and must prepay the cost of the tag to apply, which is $199.75 for hunters not Price Locked (those who did not hold an Idaho hunting, fishing or trapping license in 2017) and $166.75 for hunters who are Price Locked. Tag fees will be refunded to unsuccessful applicants, but not the application fee or the cost of the license.

    Resident hunters who applied for 2018 moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat, as well as other big game tags, can apply for the 2018 grizzly bear tag.

    The drawing is expected to occur in early August. The successful applicant will pick up the tag at the Idaho Falls Regional Office. Fish and Game staff will give the hunter training and information about grizzly bear identification before the hunt.

    Cancellation Advisory: There is a chance this hunt may not occur due to pending litigation in federal court. If the hunt is canceled by court order prior to the drawing, applicants will not be refunded either the hunting license or application fees. The tag fee will be refunded to all applicants.

    If the proposed hunt is stopped after the drawing results, the successful applicant will have the tag fee refunded, but not the hunting license or application fee.

    The following rules also apply for the fall 2018 grizzly bear hunt:

    • Season: Sept. 1 through Nov. 15, 2018

    • Bag Limit: One grizzly bear, except, no female grizzly bear accompanied by young may be taken, and no young grizzly bear(s) accompanied by adult grizzly bear(s) may be taken.

    • Dogs: Use of dogs to attract or pursue grizzly bears is prohibited.

    • Bait: Hunting grizzly bears over bait is illegal.

    • Electronic Calls: It is unlawful to use electronic calls to attract grizzly bears for the purpose of harvest.

    Here are the full seasons and rules for the 2018 Fall Grizzly Bear Hunt:

    @salthunter - check out the map. Are you sure the area that your big one is in, isn't in this area?

    Grizzly Bear Hunt Area 61-1
    That portion of Unit 61 east of Howard Creek except the portion enclosed by the Big Springs Loop Road and U.S. Highway 20 is closed. That portion of unit 62 within the Caribou-Targhee National Forest boundary. All of unit 62A.
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    Yep the big boar is in the current closed area. I asked ,.. almost begged to open the area where that boar is located. But at this time the fish and game wants the single boar taken out of the high density are. The open to grizzlie area i also closed to hounds for black bear.
    But the one bear this year is a bit tactical.
    The fish and game expects law suits by the wackcos, and they are hoping one bear this year wont be as big a target

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