Kayak for duck hunting sloughs

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  1. calling4life

    calling4life Elite Refuge Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    I use a beavertail final attack, you could run it with a little outboard too, I pad fish for largemouth out of it, musky fish, pike fish and so on, and I don't have what I'd call good balance, but I fish standing.

    My little 1971 3 1/2hp Montgomery ward got 10 or so mph one day (call it 7-8 normally), but my normal motor is a '98 evinrude 2 stroke 8hp which is probably overkill for what you're doing. I have a motor bracket that allows me to lift the motor too, I can run with the skeg of that 8hp at/above the bottom of the boat, she runs insanely shallow.

    Anyways, certainly more stable than kayaks. Got mine on sale when cabelas had them for like $250.

    Otherwise, something like the four rivers SOBADS would be a safer option
  2. stevena198301

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    Jan 6, 2015
    HSV, Alabama
    Those are cool little boats. I used to have a Stealth 2000. They are more stable than a kayak, for sure! Downside is, paddling a barge would be easier. They just want to go straight. I ran an 2.7HP air cooled motor on the 2000.
  3. bang you'r dead

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    Apr 9, 2003
    The Pas Manitoba
    I have a 10 foot cheapie, and a 14 foot predator. Although it sounds big, it is very versatile, and the ability to hold lots of equipment makes that 14 footer my go-to kayak, for anything from potholes to lakes. It paddles a lot nicer than the 10 foot, and there is no problem with storage. It is deep enough to use a layout in the flooded fields as well. Check the used market and see if you can find one . They did make an 11 foot version as well. Old Towne Predator.
  4. BDavis

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    Apr 12, 2018
    E402F8D6-A5A5-4112-A891-C9836AC3576B.jpeg I use an Emotion renegade XT . It’s a 10 ft sit on top and is very stable. I probably overload it but have never felt uncomfortable in it. It’s usually me in waders, blind bag, gun, and a decoy bag with about 18 dekes. Sometimes I’ll tow a jet sled with it too. It’s a light kayak so it’s easy to drag around, downside is it does not have much of keel and tracks poorly. Have used it for the past three years and it’s been good so far.

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