Minnesota anglers charged for catching 253 fish over legal limit

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    A Minnesota couple was charged with possessing too many crappies after an anonymous caller tipped off the state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

    , a group of six was spotted by another angler catching crappies and keeping them at Lake Sisseton. The unidentified angler, who thought there were more than 100 fish that had been hooked by the group, called the Turn in Poachers hotline to report them.

    Authorities followed the tip and tracked down two vehicles belonging to the group reported at the lake. One of the vehicles led to Mountain Lake couple, Isouvahn Xayachack, 70, and Chanhthone Phongsim, 60, the Star reported.

    The couple originally denied that they had any crappies in their home, but Xayachack, who told officers the fish “were biting good” that day, allowed authorities check the freezer.

    According to the Star, the conservation officers found no crappies in the first freezer, but found “a large amount of packaged crappies” in the second freezer.

    The DNR totaled 273 crappies altogether – 253 crappies over the legal imit and an amount conservation officer Dustin Miller told Newsweek was “the largest fish case I’ve had in my career.”

    Fishing regulations for 2018 in Minnesota limits the amount of crappies to 10 per person

    The couple was charged with having more than the legal limit of crappies in their possession – if found guilty, the couple could be fined and ordered to pay restitution up to $3,000, the Star reported
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    Hate to classify based on names, but are these folks Asian? Seems to be a trend with Asian folks disregarding limits.

    As for the checking of the freezers... “why yes, you may check the freezer as soon as you come back with a warrant. Make sure it specifically states everything you want to check.”
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