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Discussion in 'New England Flyway Forum' started by lockingblock, Apr 25, 2019.

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    New Hampshire
    Having come from the Midwest, where virtually everything was answer is "No". Most of the Ag land is small family farms, and even the bigger areas (like the CT River mentioned already) would be considered tiny to anyone born outside of New England. >80% of NH is forest.

    I live on the Seacoast near Portsmouth, and grew up hunting massive fields where lease/clubs are extremely popular.......hunting out here is considerably "different". There's far few birds but far less competition. There's far better access (you can hunt any private land that is not explicitly posted as no hunting) but spots are generally far less productive.

    Aside from the coastal areas or bigger lakes/rivers, you'll likely be hunting smaller fields, beaver ponds, and streams. Most areas will hold a handful of birds that can make for some good hunts with proper scouting, but you won't get too many shoots before you need to move on to another spot.

    I don't want to scare you, but my advice to duck hunters moving here from greener pastures has always been to take up grouse/woodcock hunting :nutz
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    Early season Wood duck can be had in most any water,large or small.Early Canada goose(resident) can be great if you find a field cut in late summer,resident goose limits are higher than migrators so if you can capitalize on it that season can be very good.

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