Places to fish in central Utah.

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    IMG_3464.JPG IMG_3467.JPG IMG_3469.JPG IMG_3470.JPG IMG_3471.JPG This is not the limitation of spots in Utah county, this is just the spots I fish commonly and feel comfortable with.

    East bay

    Fish species: Green sunfish, Bluegill, Black crappie, Bullhead catfish, Channel catfish, Largemouth bass, White bass, Common carp, Mirror carp, Northern pike, Redfin pickerel

    Use bread for carp, it should float off the bottom. For pike and pickerel use streamers. For bass use normal bass lures. In the canal use spinners casted under the bridges. Fishing is off and on.

    Footprinters pond

    Fish species: Largemouth bass, Bullhead catfish, Channel catfish, Bluegill, Black crappie, Green sunfish, Common carp, Koi.

    This pond is in bad condition. The reason I am giving out this location is in hopes that we can restore it to good condition. Carp and koi are common in here so get your bows and spears ready. Bread works ok for them. For Bluegill and Sunfish use small peices of bread under a bobber. For crappie use small tubes and other crappie lures. Cats are pretty rare. For bass use realistic looking lures, and cast them along the shore.

    Highland glen pond

    Fish species: Channel catfish, Bluegill, Green sunfish, Rainbow trout, Largemouth bass. Try using garlic powerbait or worms. Those will catch most fish.

    Lindon bay (Utah lake)

    Fish species: June sucker, Common carp, Mirror carp, Bullhead catfish, Channel catfish, Yellow perch, Bluegill, Green sunfish, Black crappie, White bass, Largemouth bass, Northern pike.

    For catfish use white bass meat. For white bass use white bass meat or lures. Other fish may be present but I'm not aware of their presence.

    Provo river

    Fish species: Brown trout, Rainbow trout, Cutthroat trout, June sucker, Mountain whitefish, White bass, Walleye, lower might hold Utah lake fish.

    For brown trout go behind baymont hotel. Float a plain worm, wait for hits. For white bass go on May or September. Go past Geneva bridge and find slow moving water. Use spinners and neon curly tail jigs.

    Salem pond

    Use the slip weight power bait rig. For bass fish the less popular areas. For grass carp try the fountain area.

    Silver lake

    Fish species: Brook trout, Rainbow trout.

    I'm really hesitant about giving out this area. If you decide to fish here please take out ALL trash even if it's not yours. This is not silver lake flats. This requires a moderate hike of 2.5 miles. I recommend having all your gear in a pack so you have your hands free. Take plenty of water and a water filter. Use a bubble above a swivel, with leader and a dark fly. Set the hook fast.

    Wayne bartholomew park pond

    Fish species: Rainbow trout, Cutthroat trout.

    - This is a pond that I find ridiculously easy to catch trout. These are stocker fish so it isn't the best if you want to catch monsters. This pond is always crowded with kayaks, rafts, and swimmers. This is a good spot to take kids because it is so easy to catch them. Use a slip weight and swivel tied 2 feet above a treble hook with garlic power bait no bigger than a mini marshmallow. Or just use the same rig with a worm hook and a piece of a worm.

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