Sportsmen Urged to take Precaution When Target Shooting and Recreating Outdoors

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    The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) is reminding sportsmen to please take extra steps in fire prevention when target shooting and recreating outdoors due to increased temperatures and decreased humidity levels.

    The following are a few tips for target shooting safety:

    • Avoid shooting into rocks or metal objects and place targets in areas that are free of vegetation.
    • Always have water, a shovel and a fire extinguisher ready in case a fire starts.
    • Clean up all your targets and shells when you're finished shooting and pack them out.
    • Exploding targets, incendiary rounds and tracer ammunition are illegal on all public lands.
    • Target shoot in controlled areas such as a designated shooting range. A list of Nevada ranges can be found here:
    “After a record-breaking loss in wildlife habitat due to wildfire in 2018, it is our hope that outdoor recreators and sportsmen take proper safety precautions in helping to prevent another devastating fire season,” said NDOW Habitat Division Administrator Alan Jenne.

    In addition to target shooting precautions, please keep in mind simple equipment and vehicle precautions can prevent wildfire as well. Securing the chains on towing equipment will lessen the chances of starting a wildfire. Off highway vehicle (OHV) safety is also important. OHVs must have a spark arrestor and should carry a shovel with a steel blade, and a bucket (or anything one could use to carry water). As always only have campfires in designated areas and drown all campfire embers entirely before leaving.

    For additional information on fire prevention visit:

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