Truckee River Fly Fishing

Discussion in 'Fishing Forum' started by Norcal Ducker, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Norcal Ducker

    Norcal Ducker New Member

    Oct 26, 2017
    Northern California
    Hello all, I am a novice fly fisherman if I am being generous so I need some help. I want to know which flies to try on the truckee? Also, any recommendations for a fly rod and reel set up that can catch anything from bass to trout.
  2. onjig

    onjig Senior Refuge Member

    Aug 7, 2018
    Well you didn't get any bites on that OP ~ If you're fishing the Truckee you're pretty good ~ river fishing it's self is tricky ~ I'm not great at it ``` I do wonder how far from Fanny Bridge ( you know, up by the outlet, by the Bridge Tender, that's still there isn't it ) almost all my fishing is on the south side of the lake ~ haven't been up north side, for a while ```
    But ~ not that I'm real hot with dry flies ~ but something with a bit of a tail looking thing ~ not so much bouncing across the top of the water ~ but floating down from where you're standing over and just past where the water is running fast ~ to where it widens out and is kinda like a pond ~ there where the trout just hang out and the water is moving slower ~ but your bait or fly is still moving a bit from the flow ``` Well ~ If I was up that side ~ I'd do it like that ```

    Best of luck ~ you posted this a good while ago ~ hope I explained it good enough ~ again good luck ```

    Just re read your post ~ you don't say whether you're up in the Sierra ~ California side or down in Nevada ~ that would make a difference ```
  3. WaterFoulHunter

    WaterFoulHunter Senior Refuge Member

    Jul 13, 2016
    Hayden, ID
    I lived up that way for a while. Try hoppers come July or Aug, sometimes early Sept if it's hot enough. Below Hirshdale, along the cut banks. It's a slow time of year up there, but there are some pigs to had.

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