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Discussion in 'North Dakota Flyway Forum' started by Honker Ace, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Honker Ace

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    Jul 4, 2016
    Following up, finally did find the right fit in ag lending, after a couple years, though it did not bring me to ND...Some my own doing, some not. Finished up my MBA and tried to outlast having to pay any back before leaving but the right job opportunity came up a couple months before that happened, and I was offered. Will be working in Maine still, though in a completely different area better known for deer and turkey than moose.

    Who knows, maybe this leads to other opportunities bringing me out that way later in life. I do know getting back into Saskatchewan and doing some hunting throughout the Midwest is in my future in the next few years, just need to find the right time to do so. Next couple years will be getting acclimated and making landowner relations in my new area first, though.

    Do appreciate everyone's help and advice at the beginning of this journey, thus the follow-up.
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