Word of the Day, December 4, 2018, Psalm 79:9

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    Word of the Day, December 4, 2018

    “ We believe in God the Father! We believe in Jesus Christ! We believe in the Holy Spirit! And He's given us new life! We believe in the crucifixion! We believe that He conquered death! We believe in the resurrection! And He's comin' back again!”

    Psalm 79:9

    9 Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of thy name: and deliver us, and purge away our sins, for thy name's sake.

    O GOD, Do we? Do we cry out to GOD to praise Him or do we cry out to GOD because we want something or only when we are on a sinking ship? Do we cry out to GOD to help us? Do we cry out to GOD to lead us? Do we cry out to GOD for forgiveness of our sins?

    Like the song says above, (I’ll change the word we to do we) Do we believe in GOD the Father? Do we believe in Jesus Christ? Do we believe He is coming back? Do we believe that He conquered death? Do we believe in the Holy Spirit?

    Do we seek GOD? Do we talk with GOD daily? Do we read His word and study it daily? Do we believe that GOD is our Father? Do we believe in only Him or do we have our gods in our lives? Do we have a prayer life with GOD? Do we go to His House of worship? Do we thank Him for His son’s life that was given on the cross for us?

    Do we ever just stop and think about whom GOD is and that death is beaten because of Christ His son and what He did on the cross? Hallelujah, it is finished and ALL to You the highest praise.

    Do we have enough faith to trust GOD? Do we know that only through Him can we do anything? Do we really believe that He is our One and Only GOD? Do we believe that everything that we have is from our GOD?

    A little history of this verse and chapter. This Psalm was written during the destruction of Jerusalem during the Babylonian captivity and is considered a companion psalm or as some people call them, a poem to Psalm 74. (Please read if you get a chance today) The psalmist was crying out to GOD and petitioning Him for deliverance of GOD’s people and retribution on their enemies that had taken everything from them.

    If you read both psalms (74 and 79), Asaph starts them both out with “O GOD”! His cry was for the destruction of the heathen enemies. I believe that he knew GOD and his complaint was born of his faith in GOD. Do we cry out to GOD and say O GOD when we seek Him?

    Psalm 74:12: 12 For God is my King of old, working salvation in the midst of the earth.

    Do we know GOD enough to cry out to Him? The psalmist knew GOD based upon calling Him “my King of old.” He knew GOD’s history and covenant with the Israelites. He knew that GOD would restore His people if they would just return to Him.

    I once saw a billboard that said this. I am a child of GOD. Know it, love it and live it. Do we know and believe that we are a child of GOD? Do we love this and do we live like we are a child of GOD?

    The psalmist finishes with this: “ So we thy people and sheep of thy pasture will give thee thanks for ever; we will show forth thy praise to all generation.” Do we know GOD? If we do know GOD, do we show forth our praises?

    If you are not a believer in the saving Grace of GOD, seek Him today, turn to Him for forgiveness of all your sins and in Christ, the only place, you can and will truly find peace, joy and everlasting life. As believers, do we live this way for GOD? Do we believe? Do we turn to GOD? Do we cry out, O GOD?

    “ I believe in God our Father. I believe in Christ the Son. I believe in the Holy Spirit. Our God is three in one. I believe in the resurrection that we will rise again for I believe in the name of Jesus.”

    Timothy P. Furness
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